Celebrating 40 Years: Most Recognized & Trusted Name in Hearing Healthcare Professional Education

About ALS

Online, Flashdrive (USB), Subscription and Live Training Courses for Hearing Aid Specialists

Alan Lowell Seminars is celebrating over 44 years as the Industry’s most recognized and trusted name in Hearing Healthcare Professional education and has helped more than 7500+ professionals begin exciting and successful professional careers.

Our unique ability to present complicated multi-textbook information in a recorded, edited, live, clear, concise, and direct manner, effectively prepares new professionals entering or currently in the field for competency exams* and careers as Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

Alan L. Lowell, BC-HIS, ACA and Leanne E. Polhill, BC-HIS, BA have a combined five decades of expertise as seasoned educators whom methodically and precisely present highly detailed material in a unique format that makes sense to even new apprentices or trainees with little or no experience.

Since our inception in 1977, Alan Lowell Seminars has propelled dispenser education to its pinnacle producing extraordinary training courses for hearing aid specialists, audiologists, audiology assistants, oto-techs and other medical professionals who desire to become licensed hearing aid specialists or hearing healthcare dispensing professionals.

In addition to our Hearing Aid Specialist training courses offered Online, USB or Online Subscription, we host 3-Day Live Pre-Exam Courses, and 5-Day “Hands-on” Training Classes for Hearing Aid Specialists. Our live training courses receive up to 40 CEU’s issued and approved by the International Hearing Society (IHS).

Our core principals to promote the highest levels of education & knowledge, professionalism, ethics, communication and skill sets have been the driving force behind our company’s mission and goal to enable our students to pass their competency exams and/or begin rewarding careers as exceptional hearing healthcare dispensing professionals.

*International Licensing Exam for Hearing Healthcare Professionals (ILE)
Hearing Aid Specialist State Licensing Exam
Hearing Aid Fitters Exam
Hearing Aid Dealers Exam

*National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS)
NBC-HIS National Certification Exam (NCE)