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Cerumen Management

A Fascinating Video Demonstration Training Course

60+ Ear Wax Removal Procedures using five CM Methods

Cerumen Management is an extraordinary training course for both new and experienced hearing healthcare professionals which brilliantly illustrates proper ear wax removal procedures.

Available Online, Flashdrive (USB) or Online-Subscription*, Cerumen Management consists of more than 60+ ear wax removal procedures to include the Q-tip, Curette, Forceps, Lavage/Irrigation & Vacuum Methods performed on patients with amazing detail by Dr. Luis M. Valdes.*

Approximately 6 hours in length, Cerumen Management includes a thorough and in-depth discussion about the outer-ear structures, ear drum, innervation and lymphatic systems and various wax consistencies to help determine the most appropriate methods to be performed.

Course materials also include a Final Exam*. Upon submission, a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing, will be issued.

*Additional Final Exams are available upon request. Please contact us for details.

Purchase price: $495*
(*Includes free delivery for ALL course materials)

Subscription price: $189 (120 Days)*
*Includes all course materials online

*Dr. Luis M. Valdes, BC-HIS practiced medicine as an Otorhinolaryngologist in Cuba where he did his surgical residency in Pina del Rio. He attended the University Of Havana Superior Institute Of Medical Science earning his medical degree in 1990. Dr. Luis M. Valdes does not practice medicine in the United States nor is his medical degree recognized in the United States. Dr. Luis M. Valdes, BC-HIS is Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and practices as a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist in Naples, Florida.

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