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Final Exam

Pre-Exam Course for Hearing Professionals

(State Licensing & NBC-HIS Courses)

Completing the Final Exam* ensures thorough knowledge of the course materials which will enable you to be infinitely better prepared for your State Licensing Hearing Aid Specialist Exam, International Licensing Exam (ILE) or the NBC-HIS National Competency Exam (NCE).

The Final Exam is developed stylistically to strengthen your learning experience and is not intended to represent the type of questions that appear on the International Licensing Exam (ILE), other State Licensing Hearing Aid Exams or the NBC-HIS exam known as the NCE.

Questions which more closely represent the types of questions that appear on the ILE, other licensing exams or the NBC competency exam (NCE) are included in both the Supplemental and Course Addition course books.

Upon receipt of the Final Exam*, a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing will be sent to your home or office.

*The Pre-Exam Course for Hearing Professional’s Final Exam is included with your order when purchasing the State Licensing or NBC Pre-Exam Courses. Additional Final Exams may be purchased upon request.