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Hearing Aid Specialist Preparation for NBC-HIS Exam

A hearing aid specialist is also known as hearing instrument specialists

With an aging population living longer and growing to become one of the largest demographic groups in the United States, there is an increasing need for hearing health care professionals like hearing aid specialists. A hearing aid specialist plays an important role in not only helping men, woman and children of all ages preserve their hearing, but helping those who are experiencing hearing difficulties as well. For nearly forty years, our hearing aid specialist exam training program have prepared thousands of individuals for an exciting and rewarding career as a state licensed and/or nationally certified hearing aid specialist.

A hearing aid specialist, also known as hearing instrument specialists, is a healthcare practitioner who conducts hearing tests, analyzes results and recommends hearing aid devices using the latest healthcare techniques and technology. They also assist the audiologist in the performance of medical procedures. Once the patient is prescribed with a hearing device, the hearing aid specialist instructs the patient on operating and maintaining their hearing aid devices. There is a demand for hearing aid specialists both in retail and clinical environments.

As part of their licensing, a hearing aid specialist must pass the NBC-HIS exam (National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences). At Alan Lowell Seminars, our NBC-HIS Pre-Exam Course for Hearing Professionals prepares students with everything they need to know to pass their state licensing exam at their own pace. The complete set of course materials includes PowerPoint slides and practice exams.

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